Cleaning For The Elderly

Cleaning For The Elderly (Bognor Regis). As well as providing our professional cleaning services we can also provide additional help for the elderly.  This additional help can include, preparing light snacks, running errands, doing the laundry, ironing and a friendly chat.

Are your elderly parents or relatives living independently but are finding it difficult to complete the day to day household chores? Are you concerned that due to your work commitments or that the distance from your home to your parents home prevents you getting around there as often as you would like?

We can help, we can visit and clean their homes on a regular basis. We can also find out how they are and advise you if we have any concerns.  We are not carers and do not provide services such as bathing etc but we can offer a regular visit and a friendly face. The extra help that we can provide will have a positive effect on your elderly relatives lives.  Furthermore, they can still live independently without the worry of doing housework that may leave them physically exhausted.

We do not charge any extra, for any additional support, as everything is included within the hours booked.  We are more than happy (alongside our cleaning  service) to help out with most tasks while we are there.

If you would like more information regarding this service, please give us a call on Tel: 07743 790403 or contact us via us contact form.  We then arrange a meeting with yourself and your elderly relatives to discuss your requirements.

For further information or a competitive quote please call 07743 790403